Q & A

Apartment buildings

Apartment blocks are very different, from two family houses to multiple apartments with large home-cables. It must be assumed that residents of apartment houses have their electric vehicles charged on their own meter or be recorded separately on the electric vehicle owner.

Factors to consider:

  1. The size and number of residentials.
    What can be expected that the home-cable can transfer at peak load which is usually between 18 and 19 and then again off-peak.
    a. You can get an electrical contractor to measure the home-cable at different times.
    b. OR can offer advice based on design criteria and the number of dwellings, assimilation pressures, size of the home-cable, and length and voltage drop due to the load.
  2. Charging need.
    a. Today the majority can use a 1-phase slow charge 2-3 kW 16 Amp link. Expanding batteries will increase the need for a 3-phase 16 Amp link 6-10 kW.
    b. Quick charge, charging time 4-6 hours, 22kW costs much more investment.
  3. Location of charging stations.
    a. In most cases, you can submit and set up links to each parking. Costs can vary greatly depending on circumstances.
    b. The large apartment blocks could provide quick charging in shared spaces.