Are you about to dig?

Before you start digging, it is important to get some drawings that show the location of the pipes in the earth. It should be pointed out that it is not permitted to use the drawings that are shown on the websites of the relevant municipalities. This applies to digging both within or outside the property boundaries.

You can retrieve pipeline drawings here. You can also visit us at Bæjarháls 1 and obtain the drawings there.

We also encourage you to Call Before You Dig at tel. 516 6000.

There can always be discrepancies in the drawings and it is therefore always safest to get our technicians to locate the utility’s pipelines before digging begins. Their attitude is that it is always better to be called out once too often than once too seldom. They have good equipment for detecting cables and pipelines or measuring them from fixed data. Do not hesitate to request their assistance. This is provided free of cost and can be obtained by phoning 516 6000.

It is forbidden to dig or shovel the surface of earth where there are 132000 V powerlines, any closer than at a distance of 3 metres from the location of the powerline.

To ensure the safety of the contracted entity and the operational security of the electricity utility, wherever possible Veitur Utilities endeavours to neutralise high-voltage cables It should be borne in mind that the processing time for a request to switch the power off is 4 days.