Comprehensive policy


Core operations

To develop and run a cost-effective utility system that is guided by principles of safety and environmental  considerations and takes the community and customers’ long-term needs into account.


Develop and build up a utility system that forms the basis for quality of life.

Future vision

Cutting-edge know-how and a service provider that lays the foundations for enhancing the quality of life and functionality of the community.


Stefnuáherslur Veitna


Strategic priorities

Exemplary in management, safety and footprint-free activities

  • Cost-effective operations
  • Sustainable utilisation of resources
  • Safety always
  • Minimum environmental impact

Outstanding service

  • Quality of service
  • Service security
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

At the forefront of innovation and technological development

  • Basis for energy switching
  • Internet of Things (IOT)
  • Full utilisation of power flows

Attractive knowledge company and dream workplace

  • United team
  • Clear vision, objectives and mandate
  • Knowledge and initiative

Mandate from the board of directors to management

Play a leading role in utility operations

Stimulate initiatives among the staff for reform and ensure knowledge that supports the required innovation in the management of the utility systems. Play a leading role in energy switching, innovation and technological development.

Foresight and vision

Veitur Utilities should have a clear vision regarding technological development and the management of its utility systems. Veitur Utilities should always have updated long-term strategies, which fulfil the future vision of the utilities and the need for resources and their utilisation.

Cost-effectiveness and profitability

Changes in the size of the utility area shall be evaluated from the point of view of cost effectiveness and profitability at any given time. Monitor the earnings and profitability of each utility and exercise the facility to vary price list.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Veitur Utilities shall take the initiative to protect water and guarantee resources for future generations. Veitur Utilities shall minimise the environmental impact of its operations and the development of its utility systems. Veitur Utilities shall observe corporate social responsibility in its work.

Framtíðarsýn allra veitna

Allar veitur

Efficiently operated utilities - always

Strategic priorities of all utilities

Sustainability in management and production

  • Compensating for carbon emissions
  • Maintenance-free constructions/buildings
  • Old discontinued pipes and constructions removed once replaced.

Smart utility system and smart service

  • Operational smart system to optimise utilisation
  • Smart utility system for monitoring and controlling
  • Smart information to customers
  • Facilitate consumers’ awareness of their own usage

Safety - always

  • Hazard-free working environment/conditions
  • Constructions designed with safety in mind


  • Exemplary at a global level
  • At the forefront of technological innovation
  • Exemplary appearance of constructions and equipment of the entire utility system


  • Guaranteed delivery - always

Strategic priorities of wastewater systems

Footprint-free wastewater systems

  • Untreated sewage never goes into the sea
  • Educate the public to avoid undesirable substances going into the sewage
  • The treatment of sewage shall prevent any undesirable substances  from getting through
  • The transport of surface water shall be minimised, e.g blue-green surface water solutions
  • Surface water delivered free of pollutants

Possibilities fully used

  • Wastewater system activated - Tap all the energy created in the system
  • Value created from the waste of wastewater systems

Future vision for wastewater systems

Clean shores - always

Future vision for hot water utility

Sufficient hot water - always

Strategic priorities of hot water utility

Resources always in place

  • Guarantee future reserves
  • Guarantee future geothermal energy rights
  • Sustainable utilisation of resources
  • Thermal energy not released into the environment with negative environmental impact

Responsible utilisation of natural resources

  • Optimised utilisation of thermal energy
  • Electricity produced in pipes
  • Minimise energy consumption of system
  • Return hot water from heating systems does not go through the waste water part of the sewerage systems
  • Return hot water reinjected into the geothermal system when appropriate

Safety - always

  • To never work with hot water under pressure, i.e. people should be warned about fire hazards by every possible means.

Strategic priorities of water utility

Water conservation above all

  • Sustainable utilisation of resources
  • At the forefront of water conservation issues
  • Safety of water protected areas always guaranteed
  • Guarantee future reserves
  • Guarantee rights for future water in catchment areas

Secure and cost-effective distribution system

  • Minimise waste
  • Always distribute pure quality water

Future vision for water utility

Pure water - always

Future vision of electricity utility

Guaranteed delivery- always

Strategic priorities for electricity

Distribution system always in place

  • Optimise utilisation of electricity grid
  • Load control to optimise electricity grid
  • Ensure that the electricity grid is ready to cater for users’ production

Safety - always

  • Never operate under voltage electrical equipment, i.e. people should be warned about voltage hazards by every possible means.

Energy switching catalyst

  • Veitur Utilities shall be a leader in energy switching in transport and the importance of Veitur Utilities shall be clear to everyone in that context
  • Energy switching and consultancy services shall be offered
  • The electricity distribution system shall always be ready to cater for energy switching in transport
  • Always possible to charge all electric vehicles