Computers & device

In a typical Icelandic home there is a television, stereo, surround system, DVD players, game consoles, set-top boxes, chargers, computers, monitors, printers, and computer speakers to name a few. It is all too common that all these devices are left running or on "stand-by" after use. It is therefore a good idea to walk through the home every night and turn off all electronic devices. It is often convenient to use a hub with a power switch. Although computers are energy-intensive, they can also be environmentally friendly. Computers save us trips, transactions are electronic, information is available online and so on. We encourage our customers to sign up for electronic or direct payments, thus contributing to reduced paper usage. 

• Screensaver do not save electricity - turn off the screen

• Laptops use less energy than tower PCs

• Take all chargers from the socket after use

• Collect ruined batteries and recycle them

• Buy appliances labelled A, A + or A ++. Note that some devices marked B are more easily purchased. Devices labelled C generally use 15-30% more energy than B.