Environmental issues

Water conservation

It is very important to us at Veitur to make sure that we have clean drinking water for residents of the areas served by us and not just for the present day but also further into the future. Prevention and control to ensure the quality of the water is carried out systematically. Heiðmörk is Veitur’s main water extraction areas for the capital and that water processing is based entirely on clean, untreated groundwater. Motor vehicle traffic on roads in water conservation areas is high, the settlement has moved closer and various activities are being carried out. Ideas at various stages of construction in and around the cause us concerns. It is important that people are aware of the importance of conservative treatment of the water extraction area. Clean drinking water in the vicinity of the settlement is an immeasurable resource to be protected by all means.

Sustainable use

About half of the hot water distributed comes from the low-temperature areas. It is important to us that we are constantly working to make sure that water extraction from low-temperature water areas each time does not diminish the possibility of future extraction. Water extraction behaviour is monitored by measuring the water level and temperature in wells. Low- temperature in the capital are utilized steadily and everything suggests that it is possible to maintain this utilization in the foreseeable future if nothing unexpected arises. Similar measurements at those carried out in the capital are made for the low- temperature regions in the country. Results of monitoring in recent years show that the situation of most low-temperature areas that Veitur operate in South and West is generally good. However, there is a need to increase the capacity of several low-temperature areas which is currently being worked upon.

We monitor quality

Water utility: Every year the health authorities take samples from all of the water utilities of Veitur Utilities for microbial analysis, in accordance with potable water regulations.

Electricity utility: Every year power quality measurements are made to monitor whether Veitur Utilities’ electricity grid meets regulatory power quality requirements and standards.

Wastewater system: Every year the health authorities collect samples along the coast to monitor pollution caused by wastewater systems. Samples are also taken from the periphery of dilution areas to monitor sewage overflows. Every few years detailed broad-ranging research is conducted to investigate the impact of sewage on the quality of the sea.

District heating: Veitur Utilities’ district heating guarantees residents in the distribution area hot water to heat spaces in accordance with the company’s established quality standards and statutory and regulatory provisions.