Meters & meter reading

How do I submit a reading?

How do I submit a reading?

Instructions on how to submit a meter reading in a simple way on

How do I read a meter?

How do I read a meter?

Instructions on how to read electrical- and district heating meters.

Electronic meters

Electronic meters

Here you can see types of electric meters which are most common in homes today. The numbers you read from the meter are the ones on the screen before kWh. You need to read the whole number, i.e. including the zeroes that are often in front of the number. If you hand in a reading to Veitur you also need to have the number of the meter which is a bar code number on the front of the meter as the arrow shows. 

District heating meter

District heating meter

It is positioned on the district heating frame of the home. The numbers you read from this meter are the ones in front of m3. In this case you would read the number: 00024. The meter's number is the bar code on top of the lid as the arrow shows. The bar code number can also be on the side of the meter. 

Kamstrup hot water meter - start screen (kWh)

Here you can see a new type of hot water and water flow meters that will gradually replace older meters. These meters are more accurate and offer more features than the old ones.

The start screen shows kWh (kilowatt hour), after which the energy value of the water has been calculated.

Kamstrup hot water meter - measured cubic meters (m3)

To read the meter, you need to scroll once to the right (see red circle), then the cubic meter (m3) is displayed, which is the amount of water that has flowed through. That's the number we use to account for the use. If you continue to scroll, you can also see the water temperature.

You can go back by pressing the left arrow button. If the meter is left untouched for four minutes, it returns to the start screen, showing the energy value (kWh).

When does the meter reading take place?

Ordinarily a meter is read once a year and it varies according to territories at what time of year that happens. When someone moves home a new reading needs to take place. When meters are renewed, which needs to be done regularly, a reading must always be done in order to do a settlement bill.

Shared meters in apartment buildings

If there are shared meters in an apartment building that are registered to individuals, Veitur is authorized to make the resident association responsible for usage, or those individuals who have been using the service, depending on what is appropriate.  In order to have a resident association registered for billing/usage we need to receive a request from the individual who is registered for it. 

Instructions for meter reading

Step 1 - Information

Step 2 - Meter reading

Step 3 - Contact information

Skref 4 - Submit reading

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