Non-discrimination policy

Starfsfólk Veitna við rafmagnsbíl

The non-discrimination policy embodies Veitur Utilities’ commitment to steadily improve in the field of equal rights. Veitur Utilities’ non-discrimination policy is founded on the human rights enshrined in the constitution. Veitur Utilities’ non-discrimination policy aims to value individuals on their own merits and to ensure they enjoy equal rights. The company systematically works towards:

  • Achieving gender equality in its terms of employment
  • Achieving a gender balance within Veitur Utilities and individual companies/groups/divisions/departments.
  • Increasing diversification within the companies/groups/divisions/departments in terms of, for example, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, views, nationality, race, colour and financial standing etc.
  • Enable the staff to harmonise their work with their private lives as much as possible.
  • Promote a non-discrimination culture among the staff of Veitur Utilities.
  • Boost the education and awareness of the staff of the issues and challenges facing minority groups.
  • Combat bullying, gender-based violence and intimidation and sexual harassment in the company.
  • Take equitable treatment objectives into account in policy and major decision making.
  • Ensure easy access to the workplace taking into account physical and mental abilities.

Veitur fulfils the non-discrimination requirements laid down in the law and regulations.

The non-discrimination policy is founded on the values and comprehensive policy of Veitur Utilities and is established in accordance with the ownership policy and remuneration policy of the Reykjavik Energy Group.