Our culture

We are aware of the importance that our staff be satisfied in their work. Therefore, job satisfaction is one of our key measurements.

Veitur - starfsmenn á skrifstofu

„I’ve been here all these years because I like to work here."

"At Veitur, work ethics are characterized by the spirit of unity, cooperation, trust, respect and equality."

„You are respected, both as a human being and your work.“

"Employees feel that they are trusted to deliver good work and that they have influence and the opportunity to develop as professionals."

„Things go much faster, much more ambitious than I thought."

Social life

Veitur has a diverse social life. Our employees belong to a large employee union with OR, called STOR.

Vélhjólaklúbbinn MótOR

Motorcycle club MótOR

STOR oversees various clubs:

  • Motorcycle club MótOR
  • Football Club ORkuboltinn
  • Golf club SKOR
  • Textile club SPOR
  • X-fit group ON or OFF
  • Runners group Hringur


Examples of STOR’s annual events:

  • A family trip to Þórsmörk
  • Annual Celebration
  • Easter bingo
  • Family brunch
  • The song contest Energy Vision
  • Christmas bingo, wreath making, Christmas buffet, Christmas tree trip and dance

STOR operates numerous summer houses across the country. STOR members also have the option to rent the Community centre in Elliðaárdalur for a reasonable fee.


A family trip to Þórsmörk

Veitur has an entertainment committee that organizes events for employees of e.g.:

  • Þorrablót
  • Photo competition
  • „Cycle to Work"
  • The annual meeting; a day out of town with joy, fun and good food
  • Also, each unit organizes 1-2 events a year where the closest colleagues meet and have a good time