Outdoor heaters

When it comes to heating up patios in private homes and outdoor areas of restaurants many think first of gas heaters. There are available, however, so-called outdoor heaters that run on electricity and are in many cases a highly suitable choice. An outdoor heater heats up the material the beam lands on, it does not heat up the air around it as the gas heater does. He does not, however, overcome the wind cooling, so one needs to consider the location carefully and the strength of the lamp as well. They are suitable in certain situations such as for example the smaller outdoor areas but less suitable in public areas. The lamp heats up the mass it hits, making it easier to control where the heat hits, the lamp is very quick unlike many similar products like gas heaters. It is necessary to have an outlet for the lamp but such can be found on many patios.

Electricity or gas?

The advantages of having an outdoor heater are e.g.:

  • Silent
  • No risk of explosion
  • Quick heating
  • Endless energy, electricity doesn’t run out!
  • Environmentally friendly
  • It focuses the heat beam
  • Returns energy well

Gas heaters have been popular in this country for many years. They are used to heat uncovered and covered areas. One advantage of using a gas heater is that there is no need for a power outlet and therefore more options on the location, but there are several disadvantages, including:

  • Sound from the gas
  • Danger of explosion
  • Poor heat distribution
  • Danger of ignition
  • The gas can run out at an inconvenient time
  • The gas produces carbon dioxide that goes into the atmosphere

Various usage for outdoor heaters

Outdoor heaters benefit both individuals and companies. For individuals it is convenient to use them in covered balconies or secluded patios. There you can get up to 10 ° C temperature increase. They are suitable under canopies to increase temperature near windows and where draft is coming in. For a business outdoor heaters are for example suitable when:

  • In a restaurant at a table on a colder location and the ceiling is high
  • At a window where more heat is needed
  • In larger tents
  • To have at outdoor markets
  • To heat a covered outdoor area
  • Warehouse facilities
  • Commercial facilities

Comparison of costs

Energy costs per hour is roughly estimated as about 3-5 times more if a gas heater is used. It should be noted that there are various advantages in using a gas or electric outdoor heater so each person has to assess for themselves. Different heaters are suitable in different areas and installation costs can vary greatly depending on circumstances.