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When a house is being built it is very important to think from the outset about how it will be connected to a district heating utility, electricity utility, water utility and sewage system. Here you will find information that is useful to house constructors to ensure professional working procedures in the design and construction phases of new buildings or in the maintenance of old buildings. Before requesting a connection from us, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the services we offer in your area, which you can see from the overview of our utility areas.

Veitubíll á nýbyggingarsvæði

What is required to be connected?

  • In planned new construction areas there is no need to apply to be connected to the sewerage system, but you will need to apply for other connections, whether they be temporary or permanent.
  • The incoming bay must meet building regulation requirements regarding, for example, ventilation and drainage on the floor.
  • Otherwise, conditions in the workplace must meet the requirements stipulated in this booklet.
  • If employees or contractors working on behalf of Veitur Utilities need to leave the workplace because the conditions of this booklet have not been fulfilled, Veitur Utilities shall collect a returning fee for each return according to its current tariffs.
  • Applications for connections must be timely to give the staff of Veitur Utilities sufficient time to design and lay the pipes.
  • If you are applying for a temporary pipeline, bear in mind that all temporary pipelines shall be disconnected once the main pipelines have been connected.

Application for installation of pipeline

If you are building in planned new construction areas there is no need to apply for a connection to the sewerage system, but other connections need to be applied for, both temporary and permanent. It is crucial to fill in the application carefully and to provide all the requested information, as specified in the form. You will need to clearly state which home pipelines are being requested and to specify the construction manager, electrical contractor and master plumber, as applicable.