Veitur Utilities provides an important service for the public benefit and ensures that users have continued access to hot water supplies, electricity, water and wastewater systems. Veitur Utilities is the biggest utility company in the country. At the beginning of 2014, Reykjavik Energy was unbundled into exclusively licensed operations and competitive operations, in accordance with the requirements of the Electricity Act.

Water is produced from numerous sources. An emphasis is placed on the rigorous protection of natural resources to ensure that most of the population is offered clean and untreated potable water. Veitur Utilities plays a key role in fire protection.

Veitur provides hot water from low-temperature fields and ON Power’s geothermal power plants in the Hengill district. The company services the entire capital area, in addition to the urban and rural areas of South and West Iceland. The company has a history of 85 years in the sustainable utilisation of geothermal energy.

Veitur Utilities oversees the distribution of electricity to over half the population in six municipalities in the bay of Faxaflói. A unique feature of Veitur Utilities’ electrical grid in Iceland is its network of high-voltage cables which connects 13 substations within its distribution area.

Veitur Utilities’ sewerage systems service about half the population and its sewage treatment plants even more. Once treated, the sewage is discharged into the Reykjavik channel, about five kilometres offshore. Veitur Utilities runs four biological sewage treatment plants in the upcountry of Borgarfjördur.