Takeover of Water- and sewage conn­ections

Water- and sewage connections are either privately owned or owned by Veitur. If the Home pipes are privately owned the owners can apply for Veitur to take them over.

Why Should Customers Allow Veitur to Take Over Their Home Connections?

Transfer of Responsibility:

When Veitur takes over, they handle the monitoring and maintenance of the water and sewage connections, shifting this responsibility from homeowners to Veitur.

Benefits for Homeowners:

  • Reduced Costs: Veitur takes over the connection from the property boundary to the street, a typically short but costly section to maintain. Homeowners won't have to pay for renewing this part of the connection, which often lies deep beneath sidewalks and roads.
  • No Charge: The takeover is free of charge for homeowners.

Important Differences:

  • For sewage connections, Veitur takes over from the street to the first property boundary.
  • For cold water connections, Veitur takes over from the street into the house.

How to Apply:

You can request Veitur to take over your home connections through the "My Pages" section on Veitur's website. The person listed as the payer of water and sewage fees must make the request. The application should be made under the "Water and Sewage" section.