Web-cookies are small text files that are stored on your web browser. We use web-cookies on our website to identify the users that visit our website.

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Use of Cookies on Veitur.is

Responsible Entity and Privacy Policy: The responsible entity for the website is Veitur ohf., and the processing of personal data is conducted in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

About Cookies: Cookies are small text files stored in your browser to enhance your experience on the website and ensure its proper functionality. First-party cookies, i.e., those from Veitur, are used to provide necessary functionality. Additionally, third-party cookies, such as those from Google and Facebook, are used to monitor your online behavior and collect data that are useful in marketing.

Consent Management with CookieHub: Veitur uses CookieHub to manage consent for cookie usage. You can choose to accept or reject different types of cookies, which helps you control the information collected and how it is used. 

Types of Cookies

  • Necessary Cookies: Essential for the website's functionality, they ensure connection security and basic operations. Their use does not require consent. 

  • Preference Cookies: Remember settings and behavior of the website based on the user's language and location. You can choose to reject their use. 

  • Statistical Cookies: Monitor the number of users and understand how they use the website. They collect non-personally identifiable information for the purposes of analyzing traffic and other statistical aspects. You can choose whether to consent to their use. 

  • Marketing Cookies: Collect information about users' activities on the website, such as what the user has viewed and clicked on. Used to tailor advertisements to the needs of the user. You can choose whether to consent to their use. 

Further Information and Control

More detailed information about which cookies are in use at any given time can be found under the "Cookie Declaration" tab in the consent form. You can also control which third parties have access to cookies from you by pressing the "Vendors" tab. 
In the footer of this page you will find a button to change cookie settings.