Below is a list of all our policies.

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Comprehensive policy


Core operations

To develop and run a cost-effective utility system that is guided by principles of safety and environmental considerations and takes the community and customers’ long-term needs into account.


Develop and build up a utility system that forms the basis for quality of life.

Future vision

Cutting-edge know-how and a service provider that lays the foundations for enhancing the quality of life and functionality of the community.

Strategic priorities and future vision

Efficiently operated utilities - always

Water utilities

  • Sufficient hot water - always
  • Clean water - always
  • Clean shores - always

Safety - always

  • Hazard-free working enviornment and conditions
  • Knowledge, initiative and clear objectives.
  • United team

Outstanding service - always

  • Basis for energy switching
  • Smart utilities and service
  • Full utilisation of power flows
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