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Veitur‘s Information Technology Policy

Veitur‘s considers information technology to be an important part of supporting the company's operations and a necessary part of its value chain. Information technology policy concerns the utilization of information technology in the company's operations, where systems, services and technological innovations must strongly support the goals of the company.

Data security is an important part of the operation of information systems and emphasis is placed on reliable information that is used for management, services and decision-making.

It is Veitur‘s policy in information technology that:

  • systems and data are reliable, accessible and secure
  • a complete overview of information technology is available in one place
  • the operation of information technology is as efficient as possible
  • IT users have easy access to services that take into account their needs at any given time
  • to support initiative and innovation

Veitur‘s information technology policy is based on Veitur’s values and strategy and is presented in accordance with the OR group’s ownership strategy.

[Policy reviewed and approved at board meeting 24.11.2022]