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Veitur’s Health and Safety Policy

Veitur’s matters of health and safety are always at the forefront. No task is important enough to risk the safety of those performing it.

Veitur is a role model regarding health and safety matters and is committed to protecting and improving the lives of those who work for the company by creating an accident-free workplace where no employees, contractors or others suffer harm due to the operations.

All employees at Veitur are responsible for their own safety, advocate for increased safety of their co-workers and seek to identify, evaluate and manage risks within their work environment.

The company systematically works to ensure that:

  • Risks in all tasks are under control
  • All incidents and unsatisfactory conditions are recorded, analyzed, and that improvements are made accordingly.
  • Processes and project descriptions are improved to coordinate and maintain the best and safest practices possible.
  • Health and safety awareness of employees and contractors is promoted by informing and training.

The management confirms, via sample monitoring and on-site support that work is carried out according to the proper procedures and that risks are managed.

The health and safety policy is based on Veitur’s values and business strategy and is presented in accordance with the OR group‘s ownership strategy.

At the very least, Veitur meets the requirements of laws, rules and regulations on health and safety matters.

Policy reviewed and approved at board meeting 8th of June 2023